fed up


Sorry to have a moan but I am fed up of work. I am a 34 year old women in full time work and work with people that are younger than me. I feel they have formed cliques in the team and I feel left out. I have limited mobility and can't go out easily and I feel I never get asked as this is a problem for them. The strange thing I don't want to go with them but feel my health is causing the problems. I am in catch 22.

Does anyone else feel like about situations?



Hi Amy

In my experience there is nearly always a 'clicky clicky' group in the working environment. I know you said in your post that you don't particularly want to go out with your colleagues anyway but the point is, it's not nice to feel excluded either is it. 

Have you perhaps considered inviting a friend to meet you at work for lunch or something. Maybe then it may dawn on your work colleagues what they're doing? 

In my opinion, Sarah (Byrony) is right in that there are other ways to meet like minded people. Have a scour about and see what's local to you. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Take care

Debbie xx