fed up

Hi Everyone, Been reading lots of threads, I have been off work 9months, not been well for ages. It started last Nov with awful headaches, I had to go home from work early just could not bear the pain. Couple of weeks later was at work just writing some notes, and my eyes seamed to move very fast!!! The weekend came, and I got out of bed, but I could not stand, the room was spinning and I was sick. Christmas came and went I just didnt see Christmas at all. Went back to work in January of this year, however I had a breakdown, and could not cope with work and family life.

Was given anti-depressants they have worked so well for me. Things were picking up, and I was beginning to get back to normal, still had a few symptoms dizzy and feeling sick, but all in all I looked at going back to work as a Nursery Nurse in April…Started reduced hrs, and not inclued on the rota, but still doing light duties.

Two weeks into going back things came back again…Memory loss, not sure what I was doing felt I was not taking things in…I felt like I had forgotten how to drive!!! I have had tests for Meniere’s Disease, just waiting for results.I now have blurred vision, pins and needles, tingling sensation in my head and the worse headaches ever. Seen GP and just want some answers, and also chat with people going through what I am…


Hello Jan,

So sorry you’re going through a rough time at the moment. Has your gp referred you to a specialist at all, do you know when you will get the results of your test? I’m afraid I’ve never heard of the Meniere’s disease so I cannot pass any comment, but don’t give up. I’ll be thinking of you. Sending ((((HUGS))))



Hi Janet,

Meniere Disease is too much fluid in the inner ear. I see the Consultanant on 9th October.Still a while to wait, and work are wanting me back, if I go back I cannot be certain if I could do my job as a Nursery Nurse again.

Just waiting for results.



Hi Jan,


Have you been referred to a Neuro?

I think you should tell your GP about youe new sysmptoms.

I have not heard of the disease you are being tested for, so dont know the sysmptoms.

Hope u feel better and get clarity soon.

Clare x

Hi Jan.

My dad has Meniere’s - no fun at all

I wasn’t aware that headache was associated with it though. Have you seen a headache specialist neurologist? Might be worthwhile asking to, if you haven’t already. GPs are all very well for “normal” things, but neurological stuff is not something most GPs know very much about at all!

Karen x

Thanks Karen, I went back to my GP, told him about new symptoms. I asked him if he could write to the hospital regarding testsI have had. Not heard anything yet…I think I will make another appointment ASAP, because I am just not feeling 100% . This morning I woke up, and my left arm left weak, sometimes I feel I am going crazy… I have totally changed in the last year.


janetlouise , i have menires disease have has it for over a decade ,took ages to diagnose , hopefully tests will back ok good luck x

Thank You, Just have to keep waiting…

Jan x