Fed up

Hi everyone, In February I started getting pins and needles in my hands and feet as well as stabbing sensations in my legs. This carried on in staying for 2-3 weeks then disappearing then appearing again. In June I started getting hip pain as well and it got to point where I could barely walk on it this finally disappeared after a month except for the occasional twinge when I walked on it for to long. Now the hip pain is back as well as painful cramps in my legs and feet. Also I seem to be fatigued the week before these symptoms start. My questions are has anyone else experienced this? And what could be the doctors next step as have had 2 blood tests and an X-ray which have come back fine.

hi anonymous

make a note of what your symptoms have been up to now with approximate dates, add any new symptoms.

talk to your gp, this is important as it is the gp who can refer you to specialists.

maybe it’s a problem of the mechanical sort (arthritis, rheumatism) rather than the electrical sort (ms).

it may not be anything serious but the fact that you have documented your symptoms will help.

stay strong

carole x