fed up!!

I am beyond fed up with this roller coaster my body has me on and I just want to get off!! I try sooooo hard to stay positive but it really is affecting my mindset now and it’s getting so difficult to say ‘I’m ok’. Nothing about anything makes sense anymore. I feel a fraud being on here with no diagnosis and will most probably not be diagnosed. The only thing keeping me here is everyone on here ‘gets it’ whatever my ‘it’ is? My experiences seem to match certain experiences posted on here so I know where to look when I’m struggling which is reassuring that I’m not alone or misunderstood or deemed a hypochondriac because apart from my leg everything else is invisible so day after day I have all these sensations which I just have to try my best to ignore because what else am I supposed to do?

I know how you feel, I too only have foot drop that shows everything else apart from when I stagger around are invisible.

Stay strong even though I know it is hard.

Marjie x

Dear salty pie, I don’t show many outward signs either,I trip all of the time and I have more than one million soldier ants climbing all over me and I shake so much, but it is hard to explain…I shake from the inside?

Don’t worry that you don’t have a diagnosis, I just got mine and it remains a roller coaster. Time I think, to write my bucket list and go for it. Silly things…have a pony ride (I have never been on a horse), read a newspaper, cover to cover in a pub, get a tattoo. Silly things.

Try to live each day well, as best you can, with symptoms that are forever changing and unknown.

And try to laugh once a day so that you can sleep well. Sometimes I read a joke?

Love and best health, patience x

It’s not that I’m worried about a diagnosis as such it’s more i am frustrated by what is happening. I love all self help books and have been reading them since my son was a baby so I really try to stay positive it’s just my body is not matching my mind and now my mind has joined my body in being messed up. I try my best to fob my symptoms off as something simple but they just keep returning! It’s driving me insane. I’m going away next week for a couple of days so I’m hoping that will reboot my mind enough to fight my body again as right now I seem to have just given in and I would consider myself as existing rather than living x

Time away sounds good and don’t be hard on yourself - all of the advice that I have read so far, tells us to take one day at a time. And although I have never used a counsellor before, the doctor offered six weeks of counselling sessions, which so far, I have used twice and have found useful (I cried… a lot!).

I think (and we are promised) that even with MS we can live fulfilled, happy and exciting lives…so much more than ‘just existing’. Remember too that anxiety and depression can be linked to MS, so if your mnd is stuck in a rut and unshakable, do share this with your doctor.

It is hard, I know, when the world carries on whilst we struggle, just to get out of bed. So please find ways of being kind to yourself.

Share it all: friends, family, colleagues - and when they all get bored - this forum never does.

Warm thoughts x

Oh, sorry, I didn’t know what you meant by fob my symptoms off - do you mean your mind or physical body symptoms?

With fob off my symptoms I mean I try to minimise the effect and put them down to ‘oh I slept funny’ or ‘I must have done too much’ I have been working with a life coach and she mentioned trapped emotions because in general I do try to be positive and see the bright side of everything. Not always, but in general. I’m not depressed before my symptoms I get depressed because of my symptoms because when they hit bad I get frustrated with myself for not being able to do the things I normally do. It’s a case of get through the day doing the minimal. I have looked into the trapped emotion theory and it’s basically fnd and read a few articles by Suzanne o’sullivan. Only time will give me answers I guess

Hi, my body dosent match my mind either.

My dreams allow me to escape, but I wake up so chuffin tired! When does my brain rest I wonder?

We just gotta go with what we`ve got…cant do owt esle can we?

Just one day`s total relief would be heaven.

But then heaven can wait!


Absolutely spot on there!