Fed up of not being able to work!

Hi all, really sorry, but just need a rant.

I’m fed up of not being able to work and support myself. I’m fed up of not having enough money to live on. Really wish i was well enough to work and earn my own money. Hate feeling like a useless person and hate people thinking i’m a scrounger when i’m not. Would much rather have a job. It does nothing for my self esteem and is very stressful due to not knowing when the government might decide to take your benefits away and struggling to make ends meet.

That is all, thanks for listening, love Bex xxx


Have nothing useful to say really, so sorry you have been forced out of work. It is not your fault and I hope you are able to get the necessary financial support you are entitled to. The support system is there for people who need it, do not feel guilty that you have been unlucky enough to be one of the ones that do need it. This is not something you have chosen and noone has the right to judge you or regard you as a scrounger.

Take care.