fed up of family taking the pi@@

so my 2 brothers have decided to start telling me whats best for me, what i need and don’t need, they make sarcastic comments that i dont need my crutch around mums house when i visit, i tell then i need it to help me walk as my legs hurt and they go weak on me, they tell me i lie and so i tell them not to tell me what i need and don’t need, they don’t know everything thats going on, all i get is well you should get a job instead of doing nothing then your legs won’t go weak and hurt, i try to explain to them but they talk to me like im a stupid 3 year old and take the p iss even more making me cry, im at the point now that when i know they are at mum n dads that i wont go there because i know what im going to get off them, my deppresion is getting bad again and sometimes i just want to go to sleep and thats it, ive got enough to cope with as it is, the antidepressants not working, the assessment decision n scared to death that i wont get any money tomorow because they stopped it again without telling me, there attitudes, ive had enough now, i just want to hide from everything

they are both grown adults one is 32 n the other 30, i told mum about it and all i get is now you know how i feel, i cant walk away for a while as mum and dad are disabled so they both need my help, i cant help not having a go at them both as i get really angry fast when people tell me what to do and what they say i should do and i get angry, upset and have a go at them, as for my money, i had a atos assessment done on the 11th jan, it went good as far as i thought, but seeing video’s from a thread here im scared to death that they will have my esa stopped without telling me then send me the decision letter a few days afterwards telling me i failed, the atos dr told me i had to wait a few weeks for the decision, but now i cant trust them and im really scared, panicky, im watching my bank acct online every few minutes (altho payments dont go in till 2:30am) to see if theres any money in there, i feel more and more sick and scared.

my 2 bros have there own familys and homes and come for visits, when they both get together, its relentless, they think its a joke but i dont, it hurts, i have a temper problem coz of other conditions anyway and it takes alot out of me for me not to floor them both, its only them that get me so damned angry when they start, especially wen they think its all funny and a bit of a joke

my 1 bro calls mum n dad every 2 days to make sure they are ok and visits once a week after work, my other bro calls wen its convenient for him, the both work full time and i understand that n they have there own lives and familys, but it seems like that the other bro who cant b bothered see’s me as the one whos supposed to do everything as im not working therefore have nothing to do, i cant stop going round to mum n dads as thats like punishing them coz of them bein a@@holes, dad doesnt stand for his crap, but my bro does talk to mum that way at times aswell, dad knows wen hes winding me up n tells me he wimding me up n to ignore him, but its too much, i feel guilty that i cant go to mum n dads for days at a time coz of the tiredness n i worry bout them, they both understand n let me know that i need the rest then i need to rest up n get my energy back, mum n dad are understanding now about that and are really nice, they understand more bout ms now i explain everything, im gona get a letter from the neurologist to prove i have ms and wen i get a ms nurse im getting a letter from him/her to say i have problems with my legs, im also gona show them the letter from the hospital for my appointments for iv steroid treatment coz of my legs aswell, they can both read n swivel on them letters, woke up this mornin thinkin they can swivel, its not my fault i have ms, not my fault my legs hurt n play up, not my fault i need a crutch, n its certainly not my fault they are a@@holes, looks like my bit@hy side is comin out now, im sick of the crap from them, sick of the constant scared feelin from the dwp, they can all swivel now as far as im concerned

Vikki so sorry your feeling like this, your brothers should know better at their age, in any case your mum and dad are fine with you and know how your problems affect you. Maybe try and go to your parents when you know they won’t be there making it less stressful for you. It’s easy for me to say just ignore them I think it’s disgusting that two men of their age would act like this. Continue to use our stick if you need it and just think up,yours mate. As for your ESA, are you currently receiving incapacity and transferring to ESA if so I thought you still got money, I wasn’t aware they just stopped it, I thought your put into one of the groups support or WRAG if WRAG you have option to appeal but you still receive money, it stops after 365 days then you would be ale to claim JSA but hopefully after appeal you would e in the support grop. Take care and try and stay calm and stress levels down as you know this just heightens all he ms symptoms.

im on esa wrag income related from contribution based, i wasnt told cb only lasted for 12 months, they stopped the payments without telling me till i got the letter 5 days later after i was due a payment, i had my esa assessment with atos on the 11th and now ive seen the video on here, im really scared they will stop the esa without telling me again after the decision comes thru, the dr said i will get there decision in a few weeks,but now i really dont trust anything they say or do, its constant stress waiting up till 2.30am the day of the payment stressing is it gona come thru or not, then trying to figure out how am i gona pay for my food n bills as they will kick me of esa if i try to contest the decision or they will kick me off it full stop anyway coz i failed the assessment…all this stress and worrying is doin my head in, the paranoia is getting worse, im now severely paranoid of anyone in a car incase they are watching me for the dwp, i dont go near windows now incase they can see me, its getting worse, i cant stop stressing coz its over my head all the time, the self harmin thoughts are back and now i know at this stage i know to see my dr n fast…all this fear coz of atos

Vikki please pick up the phone now and make a appointment to see your doctor you need help and reassurance. Xx

seeing the dr on wednesday, i h8 atos n the dwp, why do they do this to people? its sick