Fear of change re finding work

Hi everyone

Since the new website launch this is the first time I’ve used it as I felt abit overwhelmed by the new look. Anyway here I am and I hope to get used to it.

I really need to talk. I’ve been made redundant(my second week unemployed)and I am looking for work but what’s out there seems to be more on the social work/care work which I did touch on in my old job but never got too involved in it as there were other advisers around whose specialism was to work with those hard to reach young people.

Anyway, I know I have skills etc but I do lack the experience dealing with those leaving care etc and to be honest even though alot of the work seems to be in this area,I don’t have the energy for this demanding type of work. I’m feeling down because I really need a job and feel that nowadays I’m no longer ‘me’ as I don’t think i cope with the demands. I feel low as my friend was kindly trying to help me go for these demanding jobs as he believes in me;guess I no longer believe in myself. By the way I have RRMS where fatigue and a dodgey eye, come cognitive issues and sometimes weak leg gets to me from time to time which is why initially I thought about a job local (can’t find any as they are further afield). I just feel worthless as I see everyone else motivated and with a go getting attitude. I’m just tired, on my own, bills to pay, an 11 year old and I want to work.I’m quietly living in fear as I need a job that pays a smilar amount to what I was earning before preferably and I’m worried my fear going to get the better of me.

Only you know your limits,you know what you can and cant do,and at times its hard to accept, that we have changed, but ms does change us,i try to find a way round things these days, and have done for quite some time,i have stopped wanting the ‘old’ me back because it aint going to happen,could you go part time and get DLA and tax credits ?

If not try and find a job with suitable hours and not too demanding for you,you will find a new you, but it does take time,to adjust to the new you,i hope you soon find a new job that suits you.

jaki xx

Miss L, my dear friend, please dont devalue yourself. Okay, you know you cant do what you`d really like to do, due to MS, but is there someone at the Job Centre, who you can talk to about maybe re-training? Perhaps there is a way to fulfill your dreams, just in another way, eh?

When I just posted the greatest today, you`re just the kind of person I was thinking about.

I know youll find another job to satisfy you and make a difference to others wholl benefit from a caring person like you.

Good luck

luv Polly xx

Hi Jaki, your reply to Miss L is lovely!

luv Pollx

Miss L,

I’m in a similar situation, I’m being made redundant and I am so scared of getting a new job. I can empathise with all your worries and fears with me it’s the worry of people not knowing me, not accepting me and where the hell the toilets will be!!! I have been so comfortable in my old job and everyone knows how hard I work but some of the limitations I have and I’m scared I will not find this again. Other people cannot understand it as although we try o be our old selves we are different now and small challenges are much greater than they once were.

Do try and find out about any financial support you are entitled to, some people on benefits seem to be much better off than I am and I work-something’s very wrong there!!! Anyhow I hope you manage to conquer your worries, I will try to too!

I just wanted to let you know you’re not strange for feeling like this, well if you are then I am too!!! I’m sure there must be a way forward and the job centre can be quite helpful if not them then CAB (citizens advice).

Take care and good luck.


Hi BF, good luck to you. What about trying the advice I offered Miss L? See if the job centre can help you with re-training too, eh?

luv Pollx