Fazackerly hospital, Merseyside info. Not MS

Hi guys

Another **** week chez Boblatina.

My mother is 89 and in terrible health. She has had 4 major, MAJOR heart atacks to date (the kind of heart attack that people don’t survive normally) and is in congenital heart failure.

After a LOT of persuasion, she moved from her nice sheltered accomodation to the very nice care home on the same charity estate a couple of month’s ago (houses, bungalows, sheltered flats sand a care home all run by the same charity). Not cheap but really worth it for her.

All was going well until Wednesday when she decided to get up from her chair in her room on her own without calling for assistance (stubborn old b that she is) . Fell against the door and managed to break her neck.

Yes. BROKE HER NECK! (And they couldn’t get in the door because she had fallen against it so they had to break through the window)

She lives on the Wirral but they have sent her to Fazackerly hosp because she has developed haemotomas that won’t clear. She needs an operation really but - not suprisingly because of her heart - the neurosurgeon won’t touch her with a bargepole because she wouldn’t survice a GA.

It’s a long time since I lived on Merseyside and, when I did, Fazack didn’t do major trauma (it was cancer, geriatrics and Mental Health) The question I need to ask is whether it is actually major trauma / neuro / spinal injury now or have they just sent her to geriatric ward to die? If it was that, I would have thought that they would have sent her to Arrowe Park which is the closest to where she lives (but, then again, she has been “expected not to make it through the night” 4 times at AP so she is probably barred from there now!)

As we say - and she agrees - “Neither God or the Devil wants her”!

Sorry to sound hard but she is currently paralysed from the chest down (the break is at C2) and cannot feed herself or even read a newspaper. She is very deaf so even watching the TV is out as well (even if she could operate the remote control). She doesn’t know yet how bad she is (just thinks that she will have to wear a collar for a couple of weeks)

I don’t have a brilliant relationship with her but I wouldn’t wish this on ANYBODY.

Sorry for such a wooly post but my head is everywhere at the moment.


Oh TillyBob

What a worrying time for you. I don’t know anything about hospitals in the Wirral but just wanted to send you massive <>. Even if you don’t have the best relationship with her, she is still your mum and you clearly want the best for her. Your compassion is there for us to see and it’s no wonder your head is all over the place. Your mum is clearly a fighter. I don’t want to upset you or offend you but you have obviously considered the worst that might happen. Sometimes our loved ones just need us to tell them that it’s okay for them to stop fighting and that we will be okay without them. Sometimes they are scared to let go. I hope you don’t think I’m being callous, because I’m not, I’m trying to think of what is best for your dear mum at this point.

I had a stubborn mum too who survived 2 major heart attacks against all the odds (and flying in the face of her family genes) before the third was finally too much for her. I like to think it’s where I get my stubborn streak from and it’s what keeps me fighting against the MS. I have so many happy memories of her (and some scary ones too - she had a hell of a temper!) and they are a comfort to me now.

Take care and stay strong for your mum

Tracey x

Awwww Tillybob I’m so sorry to hear about your mums pooly health. I live 5 mins from fazakerley hosp, actually my neuro is there. As far as I know they so all you asked above… They also have a very good rehab unit. Love and ((((hugs)))) sent your mums way. Xx

Hiya Tillybob

So sorry that you’ve had so much to deal with. Maybe your mum was taken to Fazakerley hospital as it’s next door to the Walton Centre (and is a general hospital that deals with everything), I know some of the neuro’s there cover Fazakerley as well. Hopefully at Fazakerley they can look after your mum’s other health issues and call on the expertise of the Walton Centre when needed. If she then needs to be taken to the Walton Centre for treatment, it is a very short distance to go.



hugs that’s all I can offer, hugs & sympathy

:frowning: Sonia x