Hi every one

Well I’ve had a shower, made the bed, cleaned the burner out and done some hoovering I’m done for the day and it’s only 11.30

Regards Carl

You have exactly the same routine as me except we don’t have a burner and I hardly ever hoover.

It only needs doing again… and again… ad infinitum.

I’m also a lazy mare!

Hi Catwoman Carol

How are you ?

House work is like the Terminator - it does not know pity it does not know remorse and it will never ever stop !

My first batch of DMD’s are being delivered this week (Tecfidera).

Regards Carl

thanks Carl

love the idea of MS being like the Terminator!

C x

and hurray for the Tecfidera’s imminent arrival!

Hi Catwoman Carole

How are you ? Thanks for your reply.

Ye it’s coming tomorrow (Thursday 4th) MS nurse says I can start it immediately before next MRI on the 22nd.

Everyone says eat lots of protein with Tecfidera so I’ll give it a go.

Regards Carl

I don’t eat much meat so I have peanut butter and marmite on toast.

and it’s delicious!

Hi Catwoman Carole

Trust you are well.

Good for not eating much meat think of animals as friends not food.

My hole family are vegans even my grand children no dairy nothing to do with animals.

Well my Tecfidera arrived but no half doses to get started so haven’t started it yet.

Not feeling very active today so will spend my day with my old friends the sofa and tv.

Regards Carl

I’ve also been struggling with fatigue the past few weeks. Hoping I get a diagnosis & some form of treatment started soon…

Hi Catwoman
Trust your well long time no contact
Regards Carl :smiley: