Hi, is it common to start to slur words , stagger and lose concentration the more tired I get? I also find that if I wake on a night I feel I can’t move. That I’m awake but my body isn’t. I’m newly diagnosed. Lynn

The slurring, staggering and lack of concentration, yes :frowning:

The not being able to move, no, not that I know of. Maybe sleep paralysis? Worth phoning your MS nurse and asking about it.

Karen x

are you on amitripaline theres side affect can cause sleep paralysis, I’ve had it before its horible

mel x

Hi Lynn

Slurring, staggering and concentration that would make a gnat look like a focussed and single minded genius.

All sounds very familiar. And difficulty finding the right …erm, it’s short …er, begins with W, aaaargh, letters and stuff …nnnnnnnngh …yes, nearly, yes … WORD!!!