hi everyone, hope you are well.

Can I just ask how people cope with fatigue? I seem to be suffering more and more. I am a little reluctant to start taking anything as with in 6 months I will be trying for a baby.

I find ldn helps with fatigue and a few other symptoms too. Check it out at

You might find this information from the 2009 ldn conference interesting.

Dr Phil Boyle from the Galway Fertility Centre, described the incredible fertility work that is carried out at this centre which included LDN in many cases. Although predominately a fertility clinic, Phil has had requests for LDN from many patients with MS and other autoimmune conditions. He reassured the audience that LDN is safe in pregnancy, having had fifty healthy babies born to mothers who took LDN throughout the pregnancy. Not only that but he feels LDN greatly improves pregnancy outcomes and reduces risk of prematurity. LDN is also useful in treating endometriosis and polycystic ovarian disease. Dr Boyle made the point that LDN works best when given alongside appropriate nutritional support including vitamin D and omega 3.

oh thanks so much for posting that - I am seeing my nurse in a few weeks so will have a chat with her.

Pacing yourself (easier said than done on a good day)

Hi Chelsey,

All I can suggest is a fatigue diary. It seems a bit lame but I really found it helpful. It pinpointed things that needed doing differently, or at different times of the day. I try to prioritise the things that are important and let go the ones that aren’t (like dusting!)

I think it’s important to get partners/family on board and understanding your needs. I am very bad at asking for help but it is crucial in a busy household. If you are planning a baby it is even more important to get your partner aware of when you need help.