Fatigue ruining my days

I’m struggling badly with fatigue these days. I’m not sure it’s Ms related but I have realized I have a terrible relationship with this fatigue. I feel like I have a fever, I can’t think clearly, like a truck has invested me. Needless to say, sleep doesn’t make things better. I am preparing some uni exams and I can’t focus. I wouldn’t sleep either, I just find it hard to focus and work. I’m taking supplements but they don’t really help. Worse is when I feel like this I start hating myself because I am ashamed of this and I should be more productive. What can I do? :weary: It’s so distressing

Hello Suibian, I’m so sorry to hear you are suffering with fatigue and that you feel like you have a fever. It could be that you have an underlying infection, so you need to make an appointment to see your GP to get this checked out. Unfortunately many people with MS suffer with fatigue, but as you added information about a fever it could be related to an infection.

With regards to your Uni work you need to inform your academic supervisor so that special circumstances can be considered. If accepted this will place you on an equal footing with other students who do not have to cope and work with these added conditions.

Please don’t feel ashamed or that you are not being productive and give yourself some space to deal with the situations facing you - as you are having to deal with more than others are. Be kind to yourself.

I hope this helps.
M :kissing_heart:

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There are two types of fatigue.

one fatigue because your tired, and TWO MS FATIGUE.

Unless someone has MS they will never experience the joys of MS fatigue…

YOU CAN rest…and stop being hard on yourself. Have you told the uni you have MS and need some considerations? If not do so, as they should help you. The stress alone of the exams can trigger MS fatigue, its very warm at the moment this too can trigger it.

Please dont be on your own with this, talk to your uni teachers and get some help ok. xxx

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CC makes some great points. I would add don’t waste time or energy hating yourself, and would you feel ashamed if you had a broken leg? (hopefully no)
If a tiny bit of help is gained by speaking to the university support staff, this will help you to deliver your best work. Good luck

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Thanks everyone for the answers I really really really appreciate it! Your answers have really helped me immensely. Although the fatigue hasn’t gone away yet, you comments made me “accept” it more. Possibly it got worse because I had the brilliant idea of going for a long walk yesterday so now my body feels more tired :sleeping: I was really distressing a lot about it now I feel like I can just accept it and try my best anyways. I’m studying on my bed haha!
Hopefully it will go away soon because I have so many things to do. At the moment I don’t feel comfortable contacting the professors but I know I do have the option as you suggested so if I see I have more issues I’m gonna contact them and maybe ask them what I can do. Thanks a lot to you :heavy_heart_exclamation: