Fatigue n Stiffness.

Hi to all I am having a lot of fatigue latley where i am awake one min and asleep the next its really annoying and getting a lot of stiffness when getting up doc has put me bk on baclofen to relax my muscles but when he dose that i end up with loose motions or diorheea ect n then fall asleep like today i was sat on n i was awake one min asleep next. What can i do about it help can i take anything for fatigue. Dolphin500.

Hi, I take Chorella which helps me with fatigue its natural algue which is full of vitamins and amino acids.

After near disasterous results from Baclofen and Tizanidine - l stick with supplements. We seem to be very deficient in B Vits - and as you cannot overdose, as they are water-soluble l do take large amounts. Nature’s Bounty B-12 5,000mcg liquid. Super Stress B Complex. Thiamine and Biotin - plus a high dose Vit D3 [with magnesium and VitK2] Just google any of them and add MS.

ie, Thiamine and MS B12 deficiency MS etc.

Chlorella and Spirulina also good supplements.

Magnesium is brilliant for pain and stiffness - cramp etc. Google that as well. Best types of magnesium are Malate - Glycinate - and L-Threonate. Other types work well as a laxative!!!

Hi to all, Where do you get Chlorella from please. Dolphin500.

Personally, l like Amazon - l do read the reviews - take most of them with a ‘pinch of salt’ - and also compare prices and postage with ebay uk.

Hi i got up again to Stiffness in my legs had to have another baclofen tablet before i could walk today this is right annoying me totally. Help. Dolphin500.