Fatigue at Christmas

I am newly diagnosed, so everything is new to me.

Does anyone have tips on coping with fatigue, especially at Christmas when I have guests for 3 days?

Don’t expect to find a perfect balance. The trick is to find a way of marshalling all your resources and addressing them to what needs done. The key is that your resources aren’t just you. They include your partner if you have one, your friends, your family, your children if they are old enough, your guests - anyone who can lend a hand to the collective task of making Christmas happen. Your biggest hurdle is likely to be you. Others won’t do things the way you would do them yourself, and you need to be OK with that. Explaining what help you need takes time, and you will be tempted to think it would be quicker to do it yourself, and you would be right, it you have to let that one go as well. You might feel useless, asking for help with things you always do effortlessly, three at a time, and you need to shrug that one off too. By the way I am, of course, very much better at giving good advice than taking it. :slight_smile: Good luck. You will find your way through. I remember the same issue when newly dx, and all the other difficult emotions swirling around too. Not fun, and you have my sympathy. Alison

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Nice one Alison, most of us are better at giving advice rather than following. After 30 years with MS I still struggle to listen to my own body! If you can , try and break the big jobs into bite size bits and try to recover a bit after a few bites OR have yourself some massive recovery time planed soon after any big effort. Friends and family can only help if you are clear and honest about how you feel. Try to avoid knocking yourself too hard otherwise your recovery time will be longer and tougher.

All the best


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some good advice - try to pace yourself (easier said than done!) and ask your guests to help -

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Very good advice above, don’t knock yourself out…delegate! delegate! delegate!


Thanks for the advice. I am a bit of a control freak, but will try to let it go.

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Having moved area recently can anyone tell me if there is an active group n the area of Addlestone,Chertsey. I came from Canterbury where we had an active group that held monthly meetings, is there anything similar in this area