Fatigue and Pain

Hi all,

I was just looking for some advice on how to manage fatigue. for the past month or so, I have felt completely drained, i get tired very quickly, and rarely have any energy or ‘get up and go’ and i’m getting fed up. I only work 3 days anyway, since coming back from maternity leave, then the other 4 days i am with my 18 month old. I struggle getting up in the mornings, it sometimes feels impossible, then when i am at work, or on my days off, I just get tired after doing the smallest of things.

Along with this, I’ve also had a horrible pain/ache in the left side of my neck, also for about a month. It feels very tight and also sometimes get it in the left side, of my lower back, that sometimes sends a horrible shooting pain down m left leg, stopping me from doing whatever it is i am doing, such as getting dressed. Are these neck and back problems part of my MS?

Any help/advice would be much appreciated, I am feeling completely fed up and low at the moment.




i’m sorry that you’re going through the mill, trying to juggle a job with a toddler is hard enough, without adding MS on top. unfortunately, these symptoms, are quite possibly/probably related to ms, however, the pain in your lower back going into your leg could be sciatica, too?! i find an anti-inflammatory (i use ibuprofen, with other pain meds) helps a little with sciatica, particularly in conjunction with a hot water bottle or, if you can stand sitting in very warm water, a bath seems to ease mine a bit, when it flares up. if you have a MS nurse, try having a chat with her about dealing with fatigue (your gp is another route, of course). the best advice when raising a young chikld is: if they’re napping, try to nap too. housework or zooming around is always less important than your health.

best of luck.

wendy x