Fatigue and lose of motivation and suddendly sadness

Hello to the entire MS community. I am a person with almost 8 years of diagnosed illness and I am working on motivation and ways to find out how I can get out or get rid of what I call: Sudden sadness that comes suddenly as depression.

Find new hobbies! Figure out what you can do (physically, financially, time constraints) and then go for it! Do little things for yourself that make you feel good.

For me, that might involve taking a long shower with expensive soap followed by propping my feet up and watching a favorite movie. Or going to a favorite store and buying something I want but don’t need. Sometimes it’s just taking a cup of coffee onto the back porch while I relax in my rocking chair and look for deer to come out of the woods.

I’m not social by nature, so all of my hobbies are solitary, but I’ve acquired some new ones based on my differing abilities. If it’s a day when I can’t walk well, I do something that requires sitting. If I don’t have a lot of hand function, I might read.

If you like people and are still able to move around, is there a local organization you can join that meets weekly or monthly? A park nearby where you can walk, sit, or picnic? An online group that chats in real time?

I don’t know what kind of Covid restrictions you have down there, but sometimes just getting out of the house and doing SOMEthing will improve your mood.

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Agree with Norasmum, I actually sponser children in Kenya and also take an active role with some of my savings to keep them in water, and some food at school. when i get sent photos of the children smiling and and enjoying helping bring the water tankers in I feel great…

Also i will binge watch stupid xmas movies I know how sad am I ha ha.

I lost my husband in 2017 so it is hard for me, but i go through all my memories and they make me smile.

Then yesterday my daughter of 44 years who has her own health issues finally rode her horse after 3 years. the beam on her face made me feel like a million dollars. xxx