Fatigue advice please

Hi all, Just a quick one… When I get really bad fatigue (like now at 5pm) should I let it win and go to bed or or fight it and stay up? I’m leaning on side of going to bed

… then I hope you did!

Hi SimonC,

I usually let the fatigue win and just go to bed, it’s far far easier than fighting it; however, that attitude does have its drawbacks - It’s now nearly three in the morning and I’m wide awake because I slept most of last evening - so maybe not very good advice.

My neuro once prescribed me Amantadine, which just didn’t work - but I believe it does for some.

Hope you had a good long sleep and feel great all day today.


Hi i find for me going on a no gluten diet really helped my fatigue and eating small meals during the day and trying to get in routine going to bed a certain time and getting up at a certain time , also getting outside in the fresh air and exercising really helps i know its so hard when you feel exhausted but it always works for me

I think my last relapse lasted so long because I pushed myself too hard and didn’t rest when I needed to.