yesterday morning i noticed (when putting my sock on) that my feet were puffy and swollen.

just the instep area but it’s very obvious.

there is also some discolouration.

i have never had this before. 2 babies within 2 years and no swelling of the feet.

i was getting worried but my son tried to lighten my mood by admiring my fankles! (fat ankles)

i’m scared of going to sleep and missing that golden moment after 8.00 but before 8.30 when i can ring doc for an appointment.

everything seems more scarey in the middle of the night.

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Oh Carole (not saying that as an ear worm!)

When that kind of thing bothers me in the middle of the night, I set an alarm on my phone for 8.05. Then I can go back to sleep.

The fankles thing affects me too. It’s a circulation problem. It usually only affects my right foot. That’s the one with foot drop, and the leg which works least well (a different thing to a ‘bad’ leg and a ‘good’ leg, they are both naughty, but in different ways).

My right foot and ankle often swells up. It’s always more difficult getting shoes onto that foot, and at times when I don’t have my feet up often enough (not being able to walk means needing them to be raised), the right foot swells and often hurts.

Hopefully, you’ll have got into the doctors and they’ll have reassured you that it’s not a serious problem. The trouble with the middle of the night is that fears grow and grow. Then before you know it, you’ve googled and diagnosed a DVT.


thanks sue

i came up with COPD when i googled and that is very serious.

i’m not going to think about it until i’ve seen a doctor.

this carcass is taking the piss.

carole x

I had to come and see what fankles were!

I hope the doc can give you some reassurance x

so do i.

will you join my coven and do some magic on me please.