My sister has been recently been prescribed Fampyra. Is there anyone out there who can tell me when is the best times to eat and take the tablets. We have enquired at a number of Pharmacists, but this has led to a lot of confusion. The Information we have been given doesn’t make sense. We know she has to take 2 tablets over the course of 12 hours, but how many hours before and after should she eat, etc?

Any help and support would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers Lefkara


I take Fampyra at 6am and 6pm. I know of others that take it at 10am and 10pm. I think your sister should chose a time which suits her lifestyle. The important thing is ensuring there is 12 hours between each tablet.

You should not eat 2 hours before taking each tablet and 1 hour after taking it.

Hope this helps and fampyra helps your sister.