fampyra and ldn

is anyone taking ldn and fampyra

I’m taking LDN and there is a thread about Fampyra that is beng updated by 2 people taking it, I think (?) it was started by Skye…Sonia x

Hi Joyj, Yes i am taking LDN and Fampyra i have been on LDN for 8yrs and Fampyra for 2 1/2 yrs and before i started Fampyra i was on the sister drug to it called 4ap for 3yrs, but starting Fampyra i haven’t really noticed much change in speed, have you tried 4ap.I hope everything goes well Take care stevo450

waiting to ask consultant about fampyra, been on ldn 8 years too, ive got trigeminal neuralgia and need to check

how fampyra will effect it if it gets your nerves working faster.