Can I have people’s views on famprydene, I self fund and am thinking of stopping using it, is it worth the money but i’m Worried about not using it at all

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Mark, if you type fampradine or fampyra into the search box above you will find lots of comments in recent threads.

Lots of stuff and views on here, if you stop taking it what happens? Only you can say if you think it is worth paying for.

Hi Mark,

I did a months free trial and it improved my walking enormously, I felt it was worth the money but I simply didn’t have a spare two hundred plus a month.

When I stopped my walking continued to be better for some time but eventually it went back to how it was before I tried it.

I now take Biotin which by comparison is very cheap and that has improved my walking equally as much as Famprydene plus some other symptoms besides walking too.

Take Care,


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I take FAMPRIDINE 1x10mg morning and 1x12mg night for well over 5 years now from the compounding chemist over here in Australia this has also helped me with Nystagmas eye movement.

Take care stevo450

That’s interesting to know as I have nystagmus in both eyes with differing movement in each eye so really need to wear a patch a lot of the time x