Fampridine (Fampyra) and LDN

Hi Folks,

I’ve not been on here for a while so i hope you’re all well.

I’m thinking of putting my name down for the one months free trial of Fampridine, hoping it may improve my walking. Now i believe that’s two tablets daily twelve hours apart. For me that’ll be about 7 am and 7 pm. Currently i’m taking LDN at about 10pm. Does anaybody know if these two drugs are likely to interact with each other?

Any info would be greatly appreciated. I don’t want to stop my LDN.



Mark - give Dickson’s Chemist in Rutherglen, Glasgow a bell or an e-mail, they are very helpful and should have all the info, regarding drug interactions with LDN… good luck

Send E-mail to LDN trust and ask if they are both ok together they will tell you within a couple of hours or like the earlier post phone Dicksons chemist and ask them, I phoned Dicksons last time Iwas on high dose steroids to ask if LDN would be safe they told me as itcwas only a 5 day course they would be ok together, its better to be safe than sorry, hope you find out quickly if they are ok together.

You have to take Fampyra on an empty stomach and at least half an hour before you eat - but maybe you breakfast after 7:30?

Please post what you learn from Dicksons, thanks


Morning all.

I got a reply from Linda at the LDN trust and she said she knew lots of people taking Fampridine and LDN with good results. So i’m going to take that as a green light and enquire about it.

Thanks for your replies