Hi everybody, I’ve been dx ten years now and have just had my first couple.of falls, it’s happened when I’ve fone.done a step my right knee just seems to have.given.way and down I’ve gone, the first time I was carrying my grandson. Do I inform the Ms nurse or Gp or wait to.see of it happens again? I work full time as a.care assistant and my confidence is.slowly going.

Hi Kirsten,

Yes; tell your MS nurse; might be a one off but if not they will be aware.

Contact Access to Work Access to Work: get support if you have a disability or health condition: What Access to Work is - GOV.UK who may be able to help with your job even if it’s taxis to and from to save you getting tired.


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Thanks George x

Hello Fiona

Talk to someone about the falls is a very good idea. You do not want to start losing your confidence and you want to maintain your quality of life.

This is MS so its not likely to start getting better so possibly a chat with your employer as well. Be realistic and honest with your self.


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Thankyou Patrick I will talk to my employer tomorrow

I would ask your GP or MS nurse to refer you for physio.

There are exercises which you can do to help.

take care hun