Fair well from me too - karina1980

I logged back on the other day and am sad to see that nothing has changed and there is still some negativity so I too am leaving. Many of you will know me from my older username karina1980 as I’m sure I have spoken to many of you at some point over the years. I wish you all well and I’m sure I will chat to some of you on the other forum and am in contact with some of you personally. For everyone else it has been a pleasure communicating with you in the past 2 years and I wish you happiness and all the best for the future. Farewell. Karina x

Katrina I’m sorry to see you go. I haven’t had the pleasure of communicating with you personally but I wish you well in your journey I was a member on here over 19 years ago but left because of reasons so many are leaving for now. (Sad really considering were all in the same boat) I re-joined just over a year ago and was starting to wish I hadn’t as things are still the same now as they were back then. Negativity isn’t what we need is it? If it wasnt for the fact that I’ve met 2 lovely people on here that offer support/strength & friendship I’d be off again. Take care Sue xx