Fair exchange? (contains chocolate)

Hi Gang, weeks & weeks ago, the day I was going on holiday, I knocked on a neighbour’s door & gave her a pint of milk that I wouldn’t use.

Today she knocks on my door. Apparently the day I gave her the milk she wasn’t well and was completely out of milk & was trying to motivate herself to get dressed and go out and buy some.

So today she gives me a Terry’s Chocolate Orange! Saving it for tonight!

I think I got the better end of that deal somehow…

For some strange reason this has gone into italics and the curser keeps jumping around…

Hope you’re all having a good weekend?

Anyone else into The Young Montalbano on BBC4? It’s my favourite right now and is on tonight… will try my best to save chocolate orange till then.

Ooops curser keeps jumping around…

Love to all,

Pat x

Yum, yum. Enjoy

Lovely to hear that “one good turn deserves another”. so often we hear that being neighbourly is a thing of the past. Restores your faith in human nature. It’s the small things that really matter. Enjoy the chocolate.

Yeah, that was a really nice story. Enjoy it!

Moyna xxx

Hope you enjoyed your choccy Pat, this was lovely to read.

As my Dad used to say when I was a little girl … when you give, you will receive.

Sun out here today, enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone.

Pam x

Life is so much more pleasant when you have nice neighbours.

Aw, that’s lovely :slight_smile: and definitely the kind of exchange I like!

Sonia x

Nice, simply nice!



I bought a plain choc one myself yesterday Pat, so will probably have it whilst watching Downton! Teresa xx

I gave my neighbour a full 4pts of milk Pat before i went on holiday as well!

I hate waste!.. but no chocolate orange! LOL!

I have lovely neighbours though in my cul-di-sac so am very lucky.