facial pains

Hi Im having a rubbish time at the moment. I was told a month ago my MS had developed into secondary progressive. As Im sure many of you can relate to although I knew this had happened it hit me when the dr 'officially' sais this.A week  ago I had my anti deppresants increased obviously due to my mood and my pre gabalin has been increased due to pain I was getting in my legs. But now Im getting pain in the right side of my face. My right eye closes and droops and my cheek bone hurts. I also become more tired ( I didnt think that was possible!). This seems to get worse when Im concertrating hard ie when Im driving watching tv on the computer - anyone any ideas?

Yes, that happened to me.  Have you had ON at any time or have you noticed any visual problems?  It could be the muscles surrounding your eye or your eyelid muscle which is weak.  I would go see gp who will probably look at your eyes, to see if you need referring.


Sometimes eyelids close to try focus the eyes.  Have you noticed it particularly hard when looking down as your eye nearly closes?  I developed nastygmus and double vision so had prisms fitted to my glasses which work - bringing my eyes back into line and focus.


Nerve pain in and around the face is dreadful.  Amytryptiline should calm it somewhat.  I still think you need to test your eyes and have gp look at them and if you dont have meds ask for them.


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Sorry to hear you are having a rubbish time - The face pain could well be Trigeminal Neuralgia - its face ache/toothache/ear-ache all rolled into one. l had it for years - drove me mad - had tests on my ears nose throat etc.

l haven't had it since l started taking LDN  - could be a coincedence - l will never know. l have been SPMS for 30yrs - so LDN is really the only option for me. l also take Magnesium - good for painful legs. High dose Vitamin d3 - Vit b12.

and Amitriptyline.


Ive had my eyes tested and they cant see anything. There is evidence of old optic nerve damage but nothing new. At the moment my eye and  left side of my nose hurts!!!

On top of all this my electric wheel chair has broken so Im struggling to get around the house. The kids break up from school tuesday. The house is a mess oh Im off back to bed!!


Face pain often means trigeminal neuralgia. I can relate to the cheek bone and eye pain but not the drooping eye. I often describe it as feeling like the bone in my cheek has gone bad – gnawing pain that can be relentless. The medications that you are already taking are for TN too so you may just need to up the dosages. (The amyptriptlyne dosage for pain is somewhat higher than that for mood for example)