Fabry disease and MS

Good Evening all, Please help me with info as it’s for a friend

Hi Survivor,

Sorry, what is your friend’s question? I’d never heard of Fabry disease, and had to Google. It is a genetic disease, and other than having a potentially wide range of symptoms, does not seem to have very much in common with MS, or to be related to it. Does your friend have both, or want to know if one could be misdiagnosed as the other (I’d say v. unlikely), or what?


m friend and her 2 sisters have fabry disease

As it’s genetic, it’s not a big surprise to find several siblings with it. What is her question about MS though? Does she have that too? Or just worried she might? I did a bit more reading, since first posting, and apparently Fabry disease can occasionally be misdiagnosed as multiple sclerosis, but this would be less likely in cases where there’s already a family history. Most of the wrong diagnoses arise where there is no known prior case in the family, so no cause to suspect Fabry disease (which is rarer than MS). Obviously, where it’s already known to be in the family, it jumps quite a long way up the list of suspects. Tina

i have just sent you a message tina, explaining in more detail about “survivors” post