My eyes muscles seem to get stuck when l blink and when l first wake up l have been getting lots of eye muscle spasms im worried l will lose my sight. Its an odd feeling my eye muscles spasm like clonus does anybody else get this. Im seeing neurologist first time but my symptoms are coming on fast and furious since pins and needles in my legs in march. Eye flosters eye muscle spasms body jerking sensations in legs and feet clonus in body mainly legs. Also voice changing keep clearing my throat because it goes hoarse. Has anyboy else had this so quickly especially eyes.

MS affects the nerves that control muscles. You have several muscles attached to each eye. The flickering or spasms you are talking about is called Nystigmus. It’s irritating but you won’t lose your sight as a result. It’s very common in MS. I have it too. Regards, Anthony

Thanks Anthony sometimes it feels like my eyes get stuck opening because the muscle at the back wont let it open. Im so scared about all this

Ive just googled it Anthony its not what you describe mine are more like clonus of eye muscles and the get stuck

I’m sorry. I don’t know enough about the subject to help you with that.


Yes, I have nystagmus in both eyes, apparently one jiggles side to side and the other up and down. So the simple explanation is that if you’re positioned to the right of me, there’s a likelihood that my eyes will be looking in different directions.

There’s no simple medication for it but I wear an eye patch to stop too many headaches. Either eye and not the same one every day - this means one gets an extra rest and one has to work a little harder.

The hospital gave me a black plastic one but I mostly use the stick on variety, in fact the kids ones are big enough and at least have silly patterns rather than a huge big black effort. Check these

Sonia x

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My eyes are double, the 1st time it happened was when I was 25 and I was wobbly like I was drunk. They said I had Labrithitus. Since then it’s always been a problem but if I’m not well or stressed it’s very bad. Michelle and Frazer xx

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