Eyes demaged

Hi everyone,

I discover this website recently… so I would like to say everybody big hello… and thank you for the support… I have one question… I was at eye doctor in this Monday in thoughts that he can give me advice what I can do to improve my vision… somebody tells me that if I will practise… reading… I can help the eye to be better and see little bit more. Unfortunately he said me that the eye nerves was damaged and my vision will unlike return back…I was really devastated. My eyes are worst and worst… I was 2 years going to doctors to someone helps me… before 1 year and half I was at first examination and since than I please the doctor to do something. I am on injections 1 month…Before two months I could read with the eye now I can’t… I would like to ask, if someone has similar experience and if the eye will be better ?

Hi, We need some extra information. Do you have MS? Have you been diagnosed with any other problems? What is the injection? Regards, Anthony


If you have relapsing remitting MS and the injection is a disease modifying drug, then it may be that the optician is wrong. Perhaps he is unfamiliar with MS and doesn’t know that optic neuritis can come in waves that sometimes take months to improve. If two months ago you could read with that eye but now can’t, it’s possible that it will improve. Don’t give up hope.

But ask your neurologist or your MS nurse if you have one for their opinion.


Hi Anthony,

thank you for your response. Yeah, they have diagnostic Relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis before the year. My problems firstly start with balance. Today I would say that this is better… but the vision is worst. They have found the demyelination in the brain, lesion in the spinal cord and inflammation in left eye’s nerve, which is now damaged. I am now on Copaxone ( the disease modifying treatment) for month. The vision is not good, I am working with numbers and so I would like to know others experience, if it could be better or what I can expect?

Thank you for your reply.


Hi Sue,.

Thank you for your lovely response. Yeah, exactly this I have. It was a big shock on Monday. I read that the vision could come back, that I can practise the eye and it could be better. The doctor knew that I have MS, but how you said. I am going to neurologist in June so I will ask him for more information, what’s going on.

Have a nice day and fabulous long weekend.


As Sue says speak to your MS Nurse she may be able to advise on eye exercises that might help.

Jan x