Eye test

Optic nerve is healthy :slight_smile: but the opthalmologist said that my increased light sensitivity is neurological. Is that possible?

During my relapse my eyes were very light sensitive,had to wear sunglasses all the time. This started when my double vision started to ease Gray

I’m hoping for the same result. Very blurry without. noticed a big difference during the test with different lenses.

I had double vision blurring and eye pain. Saw optician and told optic nerve healthy but like you that it was a neuro cause as I also had a change in prescription that shouldn’t happen. Waiting mri this weekend A xz

Getting my specs ordered is proving harder than I thought. I’ve got a funny shaped face, haha. x

Ha ha just tape them on your face lol Axx

Actually MrsC - tell people you have an unique shaped face!!