Eye Question

Was just wondering does anyone know if cupping of the optic ? Disc would be relevant to tell neuro? Just when I first saw a neuro for 2 minutes 4yrs ago my optician had noted increased cupping to the back of my eyes but no sign of glaucoma said could be my normal would just see but never mentioned again until this summer when different one in same practice commented on it but nobody has in between. Again no sign of glaucoma pressure etc ok and was just wondering if it would have any relevance or not Axx

Hi I don’t know if this is the same thing but a few years back I was sent to the hospital eye unit because the optician thought I could possibly have glaucoma. Went, checked, felt things were fine. Thought no more about it 2 years later another optiions said she could understand why he thought I had a problem, but as the hospital were ok with it, left it at that. He didn’t mention the word cupping but told me to waste no time going to A&E if got pain. This limboland makes you question everything. Hope you get amore helpful reply Jo x

I went through the same optician > doctor > consultant routine over some cupping.

In simple terms, cupping is where the optic nerve bulges as it goes out at the back of the eyeball. High internal pressure and more than normal cupping means Glaucoma, but normal pressures and moderate cupping calls for a real expert opinion. The problem really is that there will always be some cupping, anyway. This leads to the referral process as above if an optometrist is not sure (and afraid of legal action maybe).

There is an up-side to this - a suspicion of glaucoma means a free eyetest (as does a parent with glaucoma).

But, like Jo said, if there is pain, get to A&E (with someone else driving).


Thanks both. I have had eye pain twice this year once start Aug last time 2 weeks ago also ?? 2yrs ago always to my right eye worse with movement or pressing it last time some mild blurring each time told nothing found really. M except my prescription has changed a way that it shouldn’t do without neuro cause and last time ?? I had reduced ability to see red as with right eye I struggled with 2or 3 of the numbers on colour blind check. At that appt the doc at eye hospital said no structural problems but asked if being tested for ms as I’d said under neuro and to make sure kept my scan etc and would follow me up Nov but gave no explanation said she’d write to the gp about my visit. All odd or it is to me cos I like an answer lol A

Hi Arwen

as Dr Geoff said cupping can sometimes be normal (not everyones eyes are the same) but they can also be signs of glaucoma or other things. Maybe it would be good idea to get a copy of the letter from the ophthalmologist from your GP. Then if there’s something youn don’t get you can always email the eye department and ask someone to explain.

Sometimes conditions like glaucoma/ optic neuritis etc can cause damage at the back of the eye but pin pointing which condition it was later on can sometimes be difficult to back track. So it maybe that the ophthalmologist saw something but isn’t sure and hence asked you about your general health investigations (just hypothesising). Best thing is to get the letter and take it from there.

Oh and as Geoff said any pain head to eye cas :slight_smile:



Thanks Reemz will see if gp has had letter and if anything in it. I wondered if she was having a “think aloud” but then I wondered if it was relevant to neuro Ax