Eye Problem

Anybody else have this problem

When i read, watch TV or try to concentrate on something my left eye closes shut, even if i cover my right eye and try to read, it still closes.

Also can you go to your MS nurse for help ?? as my GP although very helpful admits he knows nothing about MS

Hi Cardo, I get a few problems with eyes but not what you have. I get blurry vision all the time but sometimes worse than others, and I get a tick in my eye sometimes that looks like I’m winking!

Have you got contact details for MS nurse? If so contact him/her & explain the problem. That’s what they’re there for.

Pat x

Snowy’s right. I’ve found the MS nurse really helpful as they usually have a wealth of knowledge regarding symptoms and prognoses. (or is it prognisisses?) I’ve now come to accept that my eyes, like every other part of me are on low batteries. Buying a massive telly and trusting my wife’s driving has helped.

All the best, Steve

Cheers Pat and Steve I will contact my MS nurse and nearest TV store :slight_smile: