Eye issues

I was just diagnosed with ms still going through test but i have been having issues with my left eye I have pain kind in the back of my eye and its hard to see out of i think i heard to can cause issues with eye sight. ms I mean do I need to see an eye dr or just tell my neuro dr.Can they fix it ? And how do they tell what kind of ms you have, I know I have a mri for my spine coming up and some kind of nerve conduction test and a sleep study. will these let them know Plus with the shaking the problems with my vision and stuff my next question is where does it go from here how long does it take to progress info anybody.thank you so much.

I’m sure someone will be along to explain how they experienced optic neuritis, and offer good advice, as that sounds like what you are experiencing. I think you should inform your neuro that you’ve developed it - they may want to prescribe steroids. Optic neuritis does in many cases resolve over a number of weeks, with many recovering fully their sight, particularly if it is the first time it has happened. Fingers crossed that you will be one of those.

They should be able to tell you what type of MS you have got, when they’ve completed your tests. When they’ve established what type you have, then, if it is a type suitable for disease modifying therapies, they will then discuss that with you. You should also be allocated an MS nurse, who will be able to answer many of your questions.

It is a bit of a long drawn out process, and Covid isn’t helping there, but it seems that you are properly into the system and that they are moving things along.

As for outcomes - everyone is different. Some have very minor symptoms for many years, and can lead a normal life for a long time, others may have more active MS and find they have to make some adjustments. What ever the route you find yourself on, someone on here will have been on a similar route and understand what you are going through.

thank you I will let him know when my next visit this is an amazing forum all the questions I asked my dr came from here as I had no idea what to ask.so grateful