Eye Issue, who you gonna call?

Ghostbusters was my first thought too!

Ive had a sensation in left eye for about 4 days. It isn’t infected or if it is there is no redness. Vision is fine and it doesn’t feel like optic neuritis which I did have in that eye 10 years ago. My question is do I make an opticians appointment to look at it. Can they rule out things or diagnose things?


Perhaps try your GP because he can do a straight referral to the hospital for you if he is concerned. Other option does your main hospital have an eye A&E? If so give them a ring and ask their advice.

I agree with Horsemad - call your local eye clinic

I have found that opticians are brilliant they have sent me on to the hospital eye clinics and diagnosed my optic neuritis but in your case maybe the GP if only for advice…

You could try your ms nurses as well…

Let us know how you get on - hope you are better soon and the sensation goes away !!


I had an annual eye test recently and I’ve been referred by the optometrist to my GP because of a :-

“reduction in vision compared with last year, but no significant change in spectacle refraction. I recommend further investigation”

It was an optometrist who diagnosed my first symptom of MS, optic neuritis, 10 years ago.

Optometrists can detect a wide range of conditions like glaucoma, cataract & diabetes and are often in the front line of medical diagnosis. And I think that they’re very keen to be able to do so.