Eye hallucinations and left ear nerve damage

Hi, My right ear nerve is beyond help and a hearing aid does not help anymore, the audiologist has fitted me with a decent hearing aid for my left ear which is catching my right ear up. He is giving me a letter for me to take to the neurologist . My eyesight is suffering too, I have been to see an eye specialist but she found no vascular damage. She confirmed what I had been seeing eye hallucinations. I see things out of the corners of my eye,s and see things in my hand that are actually on the floor. I was wondering if anybody else had suffered from either of these please.

During my last relapse I was seeing things yes. Objects that weren’t there,; people that weren’t there; colours, shapes…very unpleasant actually. The ear thing I get is constant hissing sound in bothe ears…tinnitus? Xx

Thanks for sharing

No probs, it scared me actually as I could not trust what I was seeing. Weird x