Eye discomfort?


I’ve had discomfort in my right eye all yesterday and also there a little bump on my upper eyelid, my eyes have been effected before with double vision and nystagmus, so I was just wondering if this is likely related to my MS?


Sounds like Optic Neuritis; http://www.mult-sclerosis.org/opticneuritis.html


Hi Callum,

I do not think ON causes any external bumps - it’s a problem with the optic nerve, which is behind the eye, and certainly not visible in the mirror. So I would think the bump is coincidental to your other vision problems, and probably a stye.

I’ve had conjunctivitis-like flare-ups of one eye (always the left), for some years - including well before diagnosis. This can be associated with some auto-immune problems, but NOT usually MS, so I’m told. I’m not 100% convinced there’s no connection, but can’t find anyone in the medical profession to acknowledge there is.

At the moment, just another thing I have to live with, but not accepted as part of my MS. Optician couldn’t help either.


Thanks, I’ve been to the doctors and it look like its just a stye, so im glad its not ON!