Extremely hot

My wife is very hot in the mornings and often cold later in the day, regardless of the weather.
Doctors, if you can get to see them, just do not want to know, they can’t/won’t work it out.
Where could she go, what can she do?

Morning, so I have something very similar to this, bouts were I’m extremely hot, then later really cold, I was told by a neuro that its because my thermostat has stop working, nothing they can do about that.


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Our natural circadian rhythm is to be hotter in the morning and colder when it is coming up to the time to sleep. Sounds as if your wife’s is a bit more extreme than normal, though. Hormone imbalance can cause it - is she perimenopause or menopause age?

MS can also affect the body’s thermal regulation too. However as she knows when she is hot or cold then she can put on or take of clothing as necessary and alter the heating to regulate it. Perhaps why the doctors aren’t that concerned. Has she had her thyroid levels checked. I think it becomes an issue if the body can no longer sense hot or cold, so the body could overheat or cool down too much without the person being aware to take action.

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sorry to say but most gps do not have a clue about ms,mine openly admitted he knew very little about ms as they only have one other person with it at the surgery besides me.I have had no help from any gp in 30 years of ms.

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Will get get thyroid checked.Thank you.

Sorry to hear that, thank you for replying.