Extreme fatigue

I’m wondering if anyone can relate to this -

often when doing a task which doesn’t require a lot of attention or thinking I feel my brain shuts down. The first time it happened I struggled to keep my eyes open and I felt myself dozing off on the spot even though I was busy at work. I was terrified and quite frankly thought my body was shutting down and I was dying.

This has become a more frequent occurance and it never seems to get any easier; I panick every time!

Does this happen to anyone else?

I’ve been having similar experiences recently. I’m suddenly overcome with exhaustion, feel very woozy and have to fight not to sleep. It passes after about 20 minutes. I’m currently seeing my gp about some other new issues and am going to mention this when I see her next. I get it about once a day, but some days it’s not as bad as others.

I’m wondering if it is ms fatigue, although I’ve never heard it described the way I’ve felt this. If that makes sense.

Best wishes J.

yes i get this sheer exhaustion feeling its like someones pulled the plug,its scary,and it still scares me and i have been getting it for the last 23 years. i feel like i am dying when it happens too, but i never do lol,

just try to tell yourself it will pass,you will be able to handle it a bit better the more you have it.

J x

It comes in a wave with me. I fall asleep as well sometimes. Usually it happens at night around 11:00. I also get it in the mornings (like today) if I haven’t had enough sleep :frowning:

Try googling Thiamine and MS fatigue.

l am following the trial of Biotin for Progressive MS - and l take Thiamine B1 with the Biotin B7. lt seems we are very deficient in the B vits. And the symptoms certainly mimic MS.

l take 500mg of thiamine x 2 a day. l get it in the pure pharma grade powder - the same as l do with the biotin.

Makes such a difference to my energy levels and strength.

Don’t forget the B12 as well.

Helps clear the brain fog.

I also have extreme fatigue, sometimes i am sure i have not been to sleep. If i am working on my laptop for too long, i can fall asleep with it on my knee. I feel so drained. I have had B12 injections, but they do not seem to give me a boost, neither does the 3 bottled of lucozade!

yes, have this loads of times, mainly when had a busy week. body shuts down, i cant press a key on computer and nearly fall onto my desk. its fatigue at its worst and the only thing that helps is sleep. i have learnt i just have to go with it and at lunch have slept on my desk. very strange to others i may add.

Have you tried drugs to combat fatigue? There’s Amantadine which can work quite well for lots of people, or Modafinil, which is a better drug but can be quite hard to get prescribed these days.