expering strange

hello everyone, in my body some strange things are happening which are i am feeling my left leg heavier if i stand for long time ,and i am frequently getting tingling in my legs if i sit for a long time and top of that my back skin is feels like rubbery without any reason and on my back upper left side feeling muscle pain and sensitive skin pain. This is all happening from last two months and when i talked to my nuro she said to do mri of brain but dident said that whats going on whit me. So please any one know or feels this type of symptomes or not ? is it ms or not?


We can’t tell you whether your symptoms are MS or not, neither could the neurologist without doing a physical examination so as to have an idea whether further tests are needed, like the MRI. The neurologist will see the results of the MRI and will do one of three things:

  • Rule out anything positive right now and either discharge you, or ask to see you again in 6 months or a year. (The ‘watch and wait’ scenario.)
  • Rule out anything positive right now and refer you to have further tests.
  • Diagnose you with something, this could be MS or a Clinically Isolated Syndrome (like a one off attack of MS), or something completely different.

Best of luck with the MRI.