Exopulse Mollii Suit.

Hi My name is Patricia and I suffer from SPMS. My mobility is very poor since i fell and broke my hip. I have come across an article on the internet which spoke about this Exopulse Mollii Suit. It showed a young woman struggling to walk then after wearing this Molli suit for an hour was able to walk for two days after. My question is Does anyone on here know about the Exopulse Mollii Suit.

I’d not heard of it. But NICE did an evaluation of it back in 2017, which may be of interest:

It looks interesting for those with spasticity. It seems to be something that works for some - very individual response, though.

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I have a consult to try out the Mollii suit next week. Not expecting miracles but an improvement where I can walk outside more than the distance between the door and a taxi would be worth the £.

i am trying one out at the moment. There is great demand after exposure on TV, besides the great cost you will need to be able to devote an hour every other day plus the time to put on and get out of the allover suit (a bit like a wet suit but in two parts).
It is having some benefits, but they are known to fade if you stop using it. Ottoblock have bought the rights from the Swedish inventors and have been overwhelmed by demand wordwide. It is used for many other conditions beyond MS.
An initial assessment and loan is several hundred pounds and a purchase is several thousand. You still need an exercise regime to benefit.