Exhausted by walk in wheelchair

I know all the reasons why I get so worn out doing simple stuff but a half a mile journey sitting in the wheelchair wore me out, I even had trouble waking up today two whole days later. Read about it here http://disableddon.blogspot.co.uk/2016/06/hospital-trip-exhausts-me.html

Its really hot here in Margate so I expect the beaches will be packed this weekend. I have doors and windows open and the curtains just knocked an ornament off the window ledge it made me jump out of my skin. Hope you are all ok and this heat . Keep cool folks.

XX Don

Sorry to hear how badly the wheelchair experience was. Perhaps the chair was a bad fit for you.Were you assessed for it! Support cushions are vitally important!


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Yep it is my new all dancing all singing one, I think it was the nervous tension and the heat more than the chair

I am exhausted now and can’t sleep, Got a seagulls over the road one AM. and singing its board off .