Exercise and sport for a wheelchair user.

Since lockdown ended I have been going to the gym :weight_lifting_woman: everyday. Not only did lockdown put a few extra pounds on me, so does my medication. So with the help of a personal trainer, a programme was put together to help me lose weight and strengthen my arms seeing that I am a wheelchair user👨🏽‍🦽. I also workout my legs to help build up strength so they don’t waste away.

Also before MS I enjoyed competitive sport, especially squash, and have missed it. So what sport could a wheelchair user like me play? I am weak in both my strength and coordination on right side and being right-handed, I didn’t think there was anything for me. That was when after I watched the Paralympics, I found something that looked promising.

Not wheelchair basketball :basketball:, but wheelchair rugby :rugby_football:. It looked both exciting, competitive and physical, and didn’t involve throwing the ball high or far. Something I can I do, so the search for a local club was underway. Onto the internet I went and I not only found a local club, but due to its Paralympic popularity they held taster sessions for one to try.

So off I went and suffice to say I enjoyed every moment of it. The crashing and banging didn’t bother me, and the strategy involved also helps to exercise the grey matter :brain:. Even though one is in a wheelchair, the game itself is very physical, so I did get quite a workout.

Not only do I go to the gym everyday I now will start to play wheelchair rugby every week. The way I look at it I could be a couch potato :potato:, but being active not only keeps me physically fit, it also keeps me mentally fit.

I may be disabled but abled to do the things that stimulate me.


Hi Black box, good luck with the wheelchair rugby, yes it does look a very physical sport!! Our local ms group have been giving us 20 sessions with a personal trainer, and we’ve all benefited from her intense sessions, I can now get up from the floor holding on to furniture, it’s amazing how much more you can do with the correct guidance, you are right, exercise does help the mind as well as the body. Lately we have joined in with a local Parkinson’s exercise group and we’re doing seated combat moves, it’s brilliant, never thought I’d enjoy boxing and it gets the heart racing too.

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Hey Corkie,
Great that you are enjoying the boxing :boxing_glove:.
How do you box someone in a seated position?
Sounds interesting.

There’s weekly work out exercises by British Wheelchair Boxing Club - our trainer is in a wheelchair user herself. It’s on Facebook, Wednesdays. Check it out

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The best course of action is sticking to a diet high in vegetables and fiber. That will help lose weight a lot faster than just exercise alone. Exercise-wise, yoga is a great option for those who can’t walk well. There are many yoga positions that don’t require too much strain on your lower body. You could also try general upper bodyweight training. You could sit down and work out your biceps, triceps, etc. Just use low weight, high reps. Any kind of exercise is better than none.