excrutiating pain that comes and goes...

Hello friendly forum-ers,

I wonder if anyone can help me out. Not sure if this is MS or something else?

Over the past 6 months I have had acute pain that has affected my ankle/foot and thumbs/fingers. This pain begins in one area and get gets worse at night but only lasts one or two days. Ibuprofen doesn’t seem to help. I have been on Tecfidera since September. It is so weird how I just get it randomly and only lasts such a short period of time. The most recent pain affected my right ankle/foot so much that it affected my walking, thus my knee then became particularly painful and has made me really tired.

MS? Arthritis? Lupus? I don’t really get hung up on these things but as it has happened so many times I am investigating.

Any thoughts welcome

Debs xx

hi debs

ask your gp if he can investigate it for you.

it would possibly show on an x-ray.

good luck

carole x

Acute pain - coming and going could be tendonitis. Try a footbath or bath if you can get in one - with Epsom Salts [magnesium] in it.

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See your neurologist or speak to your MS nurse.

It could be pain caused by your MS.

GPs don’t know enough or are unfamiliar with MS pain.

It won’t respond to ordinary pain killers like Ibruprophen or Parasetamol.

You probably need something like Gabapentin.

The nerve endings, or pain receptors in**** your brain become inflamed and tell you, you have pain in what ever area they are linked to.

Gabapentin and the like calm that inflamation down.


I have pain in my left hip knee and on the top of my left foot…again not sure if MS related…just got blood test results saying I’m vitamin D deficient although strange as I use sunbed once a week?? Finding it hard to get up the stairs and find myself sliding down the wall to help…

Thank you,

Having blood tests on Tuesday and will call MS nurse tomorrow. Hopefully might know more at some point but thanfully the pain has gone for now.

Debs x