Excruciating urgency

Not sure why but over last three days urgency symptoms have got so much worse, to the point of excruciation and danger of pad being overwhelmed before I can bring things under control. I am now fearful of publicly wetting myself. Cant just go to the loo at my convenience as I must wait up to two hours for breaks. My concentration is also being affected at work. Also now having to get up three to four times in the night. I don’t think I have an infection because there is no discomfort in urinating. Various medications in the past have been of little effect but I finally got a letter Tuesday to fix an appointment for botox. I just need to hang on until then. Any ideas (I am trying to get a GP appointment) ?

Hi, I am guessing you are going through a urology team if you are looking at having Botox. Is it the case your bladder is not emptying correctly which then leads to the urgency, with the bladder just topping up all the time. I am under a urology team and been through countless test and medication. Happy to discuss if you want here of inbox.


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Hi Jason, you could be right, I have been out of some pills for a few days which are supposed to relax the prostate (didn’t think to make a connection - I take so many). Maybe that has resulted in bladder not emptying correctly. Better get on to that. Doc gave me some antibiotics yesterday and took specimen. Yes I’ve been seeing a urologist off and on since 2011 and undergone various tests including urodynamics, cystoscopy, ultrasound, etc. Got my date for botox - 23rd December! Can’t wait ('scuse the pun)!