evoked potential test on my optic nerve


had the above test yesterday and found my right eye ball started to shake from side to side during part of the test, has anybody else had this? Its the same side as my hearing loss if that makes a difference, she did that part of the test again on that eye and it happened again.

All my other symptoms are on my left side with lots of tingling in my nose too, and had plenty of numbness in my left hand and left foot with weakness too.

help would be appreciated.


Sounds like nystagmus brought on by your trying to keep your eyes focused on something for a long time (ie do the test!). I would assume that your muscles controlling eye position aren’t up to the task right now or are getting unusual signals from the nerves that tell them what to do. Hopefully the neuro will understand what happened and get some info from it even if the test didn’t go as planned. Hth. Karen x

thanks Karen