every muscle hurts in my body........

Hi everyone I just finished a course of steroids yesterday, which I took for 5 days due to a relapse. Today I woke up with muscle pains everywhere, I felt my neck and back and I have lumps all under the skin, feels like the muscles have been moulded into balls. The muscles in my face hurt, cant touch my face to put my make up on lol. It’s that bad that my breasts have lumps in them, the way they do after you have a baby, all swollen and sore to move. I know you have a come down after you take the steroids, but how long dose it last, It feals like I’ve been run over. I had a really hot bath hoping it might help and it didn’t, I’m at a loss end.

Hi Lisa - Ialways expect the steroids to be a miracle cure for a relapse, forgetting that it takes a while for the effects of the steroids to leave my body. I used to love a hot bath but can’t take the heat anymore so I enjoy a warm one with aromatherapy oils or my favourite bubble bath instead. I know it might not sound like much help but it just takes my body time - the time of taking the steroids to speed up recovery from the relapse and then a little time for the effects of the steroids to leave my body. That part usually take a bout a week when I don’t do much apart from listen to music and watch the birds ot the window! Hope thats some help.

Elaine x

Hi sorry to hear of ur hard time. I had a big relapse in June but didn’t get steroids till sept I’d no pain before that but the steroids seemed to trigger the pain x

Hi Lisa,

sorry your feeling bad with the steroids,i choose never to take them,but thats just me,i noticed in your post that you said you had a hot bath,they arent a good idea at all for us with ms, a hot bath was used years ago to test for ms,as the heat can make the symptoms worse for a while,i gave up hot baths years ago,as when i tried to get out i couldnt,i had gone really weak and my vision was bad for about an hour or so.

Hi mrsj that how I felt when it was time to get out of the bath, I couldn’t move, everything whet heavy. I’m never taking steroids again, I fell worse off of it then I did before I went on them. I still can’t move today my body hurts.

heat like hot baths are no good for most of with ms, not everyone,but its very common in a lot of us,i choose to take a shower,and not a hot one,just google heat and ms,and it will explain to you,any rise in the core temperature can cause our symptoms to get worse,at least for a while.