Even more worried and confused now

really not sure what is going on.

The hospital letter says acute inflammation/demyelination involvement of TN. Additional lesions supportive of demyelination.

the letter says a clinical correlation is recommended.

doctors say it with the hospital, hospital says with the doctors.

chased up the hospital today and just had a telephone call.

They are saying they are writing to my doctor to arrange an urgent appointment.

Sure I am not the first to wish this could all go away.

You really don’t want it to go away.

The magic words in this instance are “Treatment Plan”. Write to Neurologist, copiued to your GP (or the other away around) and point out your frustration at the apparent lack of desire for one or other to take the lead. Ask them to confer and respond to you in one voice. Chances are this will happen anyway, but by circulating to all, neither party will be want to be seen as the one to be dropping the ball, or in medical practise terms, being negligent.

If the hospital says acute inflammation/ demyelination, remind them that the time to start treatment is while the inflammation is active (assuming you’re RRMS), hence it should be regarded as urgent and be acted upon before it remits. Again, they can’t ignore this obvious situation and the GP will be to quick to reinforce this.

Good luck!

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thank you Graeme.

I just need to calm down a little.

The good news is I feel about 98 % well after the steroids, numbness coldness gone. No other problems. Slight feelings around the TN area but not pain.

Of course I dont want to be told they think I have MS but like you say if it is I need a treatment plan.