etymology of an ear worm

i may have misinterpreted the word etymology but will continue.

husband said he was a little hoarse.

a pygmy pony is a little horse too.

frank zappa’s lyrics frequently referenced pigmy ponies.

“… me and my pygmy pony riding along the range…” montana from overnight sensation.

also a strange being who had “… a snake for a pet and an amulet, she was breeding a dwarf but she wasn’t done yet, she had grey/green skin, a doll with a pin, i told her she was alright but i wouldn’t come in…”

camarillo brillo from overnight sensation.

having listened to zappa since i was youngish, it’s no wonder i’m mad.

Frank Zappa. OMG. Someone pour Carole some gin quick. It’s an emergency.


thanks sssue for putting the idea there.

it was never that far away.

thanks grandma, waste not want not.

Zappa’s lyrics are certainly epigrammatic and the sources a mystery to the not so street wise, like me.

But then, I’ve never been cruising for burgers in daddy’s new car.

Therefore I must remain a Hungry Freak, Daddy.

My favourite disc is probably Burnt Weeny Sandwich.

On a parallel note, I only recently found out that Don van Vliet, aka Captain Beefheart had MS. I listened to one of the Great Lives series on Radio4 in which he featured. Worth a listen.



captain beefheart’s album ‘unconditionally guaranteed’ was worn thin by constant playing.

ah the seventies!

Zappa! What a hero, love it. We would jam in Joe’s garage… and bend the string like this


i thought i was the only person alive who remembered him and his mad songs.

don’t forget you should never eat yellow snow!

Mr flutterby knew him… I have YouTube … bizarre! Liked it though I always try things I don’t know because you might like it or learn something I don’t try things that I don’t know what they are because any thing could happen Oh and I never try yellow snow despite not hearing Zappa I guess im just naturally not a naughty eskino X

And the brilliant…Peaches En Regalia

Just noticed - Youtube has an item, Frank Zappa doing his stuff on Stairway to Heaven, someone suggested it could be Led Zappalin… love that idea!