Hello everyone.

I was just wondering a few things about this benefit. I have been on it a few months now controbution based because my partner has to work...

I got a call yesterday just to tell me that the new law is prob going to be passed soon and I will be taken off the benefit 30th April...

This is only to the workbase group not the support group and from this scare yestersday I only found out there was another rate! wish they keep things simple...

I think I should be on the Support group and not the workbase because: I am affected by my 16 hours sleep a day my 20 odd pills I take a day and 3 injections a week. Aswell as MS they make me feel abit weird. I fall over alot and can't walk for a long time at all, fall down stairs etc,

So I think they stuck me on the workbase group because they know that has a shelf life of 360 or something. I am unsure if the other 1 has a shelf life? If it doesn't I will def appeal, because I feel like They don't know what MS is and a curable disease.


Thanx everyone I hope to hear your words.



Take a look at the thread "ESA is running out what now" which is about this exact problem.

Feel free to PM me if you have any questions after reading it.