ESA - views please

Anyone got any idea. I first claimed ESA in January 2014 due to a knee injury. It was only after that that my neurological tests started, so these had not been stated on the ESA50. Last week I finally had my Work Capability Assessment. I saw a very nice female Polish doctor. I did not have to undergo any of the tests that I have heard of. She read my MRI report for ages, and then she asked if I had ever fallen. I told her that I had, but only on a couple of occasions. She asked if I used a stick. I told her that I had trouble holding one. She asked me to do a few simple dexterity tests and then told me that I had absolutely no co-ordination on my left side. She said that she needed to get a second opinion from a colleague and left the room for five minutes.

When she returned she said that she had good news, she was moving me to the dark side. I told her I did not understand. She told me that she had to be satisfied that I could work safely and that I did not have the strength in my hand to hold a stick. She also said that the only way she could guarantee that I would not fall was if I was in a wheelchair but my hands are not strong enough for me to use one. She said that I was disabled and that I was not safe to be out on my own!!!

I was a bit gob smacked to be honest, but does anyone know what the implications are?


PS: Lumbar Puncture in two days time.

Hi Zippy

I assume you meant the doc said could not work safely?

I think it means you are going to be put in the support group of ESA which will be a relief for you? You will be left alone for now and not expected to attend any work related interviews or look for a job.

Good luck with LP


Many thanks, I thought that was probably what they meant, but who knows lol.

Hospital rang earlier asking if they can do LP earlier, so at least not much time hanging around tomorrow.


Have you had a LP done before zippy? I have and mine went just fine.


No, first timer here, but I always like a challenge.

Hi Zippy

Hope the LP went ok and your taking it easy.


Thank you Blossom,

It was horrendous. She caught a nerve when she went in. I now feel as though I have been kicked in the back by a horse, but not where she went in, about 4 inches lower down. I am sure it will ease off soon.

Zippy x


Yes, like you say it should ease off soon. Hope painkillers are helping.

Take it easy